Our Team and Partners

The following organizations represent an amazing array of medical research hospitals, departments, and agencies throughout Europe which are participating in our five-year New Brain Nutrition project (9/1/17-8/31/22) to study and publish, for the benefit of both health professionals and the public, on the connections among brain health, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and mental health.  We will be sharing information on nutrition facts, lifestyle diet, mental illness, compulsive behavior and impulsive behavior, among many other fascinating topics. Click the Links below to learn more about each of the organizations.

1. Academisch Ziekenhuis Groningen (UMCG)

Groningen, The Netherlands

2. ADD Information Services (ADDISS)

Middlesex, England

3. Centro De Investigacion Biomedica En Red (CIBER)

Madrid, Spain

4. Concentris

Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany

5. Fundacio Hospital Universitari Vall D’Hebron – Institut De Recerca (VHIR)

Barcelona, Spain

6. Johann Wolfgang Goethe – Universitat Frankfurt

Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

7. Karlsruher Institut Fur Technologie (KIT)

Karlsruhe, Germany

8. Örebro University (ORU)

Örebro, Sweden

9. Radboud University Medical Center (RUMC)

Nijmegen, The Netherlands

10. Semmelweis Egyetem (SU)

Budapest, Hungary

11. Stichting Buro ECNP (ECNP)

Utrecht, The Netherlands

12. Stichting Karakter (KAR)

Nijmegen, The Netherlands

13. Tartu Ulikool (UT)

Tartu, Estonia

14. Universitat De Barcelona (UB)

Barcelona, Spain

15. Universitatsklinikum Wurzburg, Klinikum Der Bayerischen (UW)

Wurzburg, Germany

16. Universitet I Bergen (UiB)

Bergen, Norway

17. Wageningen University (WU)

Wageningen, The Netherlands

18. Zentralinstitut Fur Seelische Gesundheit (CIMH)

Mannheim, Germany

Consultant: Sebastian Lege, Celebrity Chef

Dusseldorf, Germany

Consultant: LID Business Media

Madrid, Spain

About the author

New Brain Nutrition is the public dissemination effort of Eat2beNICE, a consortium of 18 European universities, hospitals and agencies doing research on the connections between nutrition, lifestyle and mental health. We look to attract members of the public, health professionals, and representatives of industry and government to help develop healthier lifestyles and improved mental health.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 728018

New Brain Nutrition is a project and brand of Eat2BeNice, a consortium of 18 European University Hospitals throughout the continent.

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