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Location: Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Stichting Karakter (KAR)

Karakter is one of the top 5 largest child and adolescent psychiatric hospitals in The Netherlands; the largest branch is located in Nijmegen. Karakter has a large clinical in- and outpatient program for children with neurodevelopmental disorders with about 800 new patients per year.  Karakter is the only Dutch psychiatric hospital recognized as a leading expert in psychiatric care for children aged 0-6 years. Karakter is the largest center in The Netherlands for training and supervision of psychiatrists and closely collaborates with the Radboud University Medical Center, the University Medical Center Groningen and The Donders Center for Neuroimaging. RUMC and Karakter are two separate and independent legal entities, each with a different Board of Directors. They work closely together and have an ongoing signed collaboration agreement. The Team has extensive experience in running clinical trials and will oversee nutritional interventions and the elimination diet study.  They will also represent Data Safety Monitoring Board that will monitor the methodological and statistical aspects of the clinical trials. Website:

Nanda Rommelse, PhD
Project Leader

Jolanda van der Meer, PhD

Niki Kamphuis, MSc

Annick Bosch, MSc.

Margreet Bierens, MSc

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