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ADHD Shine a Light

October is international ADHD Awareness month. Young researchers of the MiND research project and 4QuarterFilms just published this short documentary that shines a light on living with ADHD, from a personal and a scientific perspective.

We thank the following professionals who were interviewed in this video:
Dr. Barbara Franke and Dr. Corina Greven, of Donders Institute, Radboud University Medical Center
Dr. Philip Asherson, Dr. Eric Taylor, and Dr. Kai Syng Tan of King’s College London
Mrs. Andrea Bilbao of ADDISS, ADHD Europe
We also thank Ms. Evie Travers, Mr. Bryn Travers and Mr. Aziz who were interviewed in this video.

The film was made possible with the help of the EU-funded programs:
MiND (EU horizon 2020 program no 643051)
Aggressotype (EU FP7 program No 602805)
CoCA (EU horizon 2020 program No 667302)
Eat2beNICE (EU horizon 2020 program No 728018).

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