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  • 111918-Vaht

    The Information Super-Highway Between Your Gut and Your Brain

    Have you experienced drowsiness after eating a large meal? Has an important presentation made your stomach turn? Seeing a special someone made you feel butterflies in your stomach? If you have (and you most likely have), then you know how strong the connection between the brain and the gut is. Scientists have found that many chronic
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  • 111318 - Vaht

    Psychobiotics: How Probiotics and Prebiotics Effect Mental Health

    Psychobiotics are helpful bacteria (probiotics) or support for these bacteria (prebiotics) that influence the relationship between bacteria and brain. The human digestive system houses around 100 trillion of these bacteria, outnumbering the human body cells 10:1. Probiotics provide a great deal of functions vital to our well-being, like
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  • 111218 - Kilencz

    How Prebiotics Reduce Aggression and Stress – The Animal Model

    A hot topic these days, that one can hear more and more information about is the microbiota-gut-brain axis, the bidirectional interaction between the intestinal microbiota and the central nervous system nowadays, this has become a hot topic. We are becoming increasingly aware that gut microbiota play a significant role in modulating brain
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  • Shine_a_Light_on_ADHD

    Shine a Light on ADHD

    October is international ADHD Awareness month. Young researchers of the MiND research project and 4QuarterFilms just published this short documentary that shines a light on living with ADHD, from a personal and a scientific perspective. Watch the video here: We thank the following
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  • Vitamin D and ADHD

    ADHD and Vitamin D deficiency

    A team of Iranian researchers recently published a meta-analysis seeking to determine what, if any, association there may be between low Vitamin D levels and ADHD in children and adolescents. Combining the results from thirteen studies with 10,334 participants, they found that youth with ADHD had “modest but significant” lower serum
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  • Mediterranean diet and depression

    The Mediterranean Diet and Depression FREE REPORT DOWNLOAD

    New research has been published in September 2018 which reveals preliminary evidence that symptoms of depression can be reduced by adherence to the Mediterranean diet and anti-inflammatory foods.  New Brain Nutrition is advancing this research with never-before-done clinical trials testing the protective effects of nutrition and specifically
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  • Mediterranean diet and depression

    The Mediterranean Diet and Depression – Next Steps

    “Mediterranean diet could prevent depression, new study finds” [CNN]; “Mediterranean diet 'may help prevent depression'” [BBC]. The publication of Lassale and her colleagues in the prestigious scientific journal Molecular Psychiatry on the association between Mediterranean Diet and depression, received a lot of attention in the media last
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  • did i eat that

    The Mediterranean Diet and Depression – Review and Next Steps

    Constantly feeling low mood and blue, losing of pleasure in life and appetite or having difficulties to have good sleep. These are just some of the symptoms of one of the most prevalent mental conditions worldwide: depression. It affects hundreds of millions people globally, particularly women. Although depression seems to have a genetic
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  • New Brain Nutrition Research through Storytelling

    New Brain Nutrition Research and Storytelling

    This month, August 2018, I started as dissemination manager at New Brain Nutrition. This means that I will make sure that the information generated in this research project is spread out to society. Together with the dissemination and communication team of New Brain Nutrition, I strive to inform and educate as many people as possible about how
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  • Four Easy Rules for Healthy Eating and Lifestyle

    Four Easy Rules for Healthy Eating and Lifestyle

    Every time I travel and enter the breakfast room of my hotel, I think of Japan. And not just because of the curious surprises that I encountered when traveling there. (Once, the hotel’s definition of a ‘western style breakfast buffet’ was shrimp pasta and pepperoni pizza!) The Japanese have an interesting relationship with their nutrition.
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