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Cooking for Your Brain

Recipes and Cookbook

Celebrity Chef and Nutritionist Sebastian Lege

from the Chef!

For most people is treated as a way to satisfy one’s appetite, with an emphasis on immediacy and lowest cost.  Quality and choice of food are often, unfortunately, a minor matters.

With my videos and cookbook below, I show you, in an entertaining way, what foods and food combinations are easy to prepare from readily available products in your market.  You can apply my approach and this knowledge to live a healthier life, both mentally and physically. 

This is the goal of our Eat2beNICE project and our New Brain Nutrition website.  We know a lot about food and mental health, and are learning more with our research.

I hope you enjoy our recipes and leave with a smile on your face.  Enjoy!!

Chef Sebastian Lege
Dusseldorf, Germany

Our Mediterranean Cookbook for YOU!

Cooking for Your Brain

Four Mediterranean Diet recipes to keep your body and brain healthy.

  1. Couscous vegetable pan
  2. Baked cut beans, chili breadcrumbs and hazelnuts
  3. Lentil tomato soup
  4. Grilled sardines with lentil fennel salad


  • Ingredient lists with evidence-based science on why we have included them.
  • Video for each recipe, showing you how to make the dish.
  • Olive oil, nuts, grains, fish, fresh vegetables
  • Background on the Eat2beNICE project.

Delivered as a PDF

Download Your Cookbook!!

Our Mediterranean Cooking Videos for You to Enjoy HERE

vegetable couscous pan

baked cut beans, chili breadcrumbs, hazelnuts

lentil tomato soup

grilled sardines with lentil fennel salad

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Foods for Brain Health

All recipes and information on this page are based on proven scientific evidence.  The aim of this New Brain Nutrition website is to educate you about the role nutrition and lifestyle can play in your mental health.  We take our mission seriously, and are conducting clinical trials and epidemiological research to make connections between a healthier lifestyle and healthier brain function. 

The recipes in the Cooking for your Brain videos below are based on the traditional Mediterranean diet. This diet is associated with many general health benefits, such as protection against cardiovascular disease and type-2 diabetes. Evidence seems to indicate that the Mediterranean diet is linked with good mental health, for instance a lower risk of Alzheimers or depression. See also our downloadable tipsheets which include information on the the Mediterranean diet and the association between the Mediterranean diet and depression.

The Mediterranean diet contains a lot of plant-based foods (fruit, vegetables, nuts and cereals) and virgin olive oil. It also contains moderate amounts of fish and poultry and low amounts of dairy products (mainly cheese and yoghurt) and red meat. Another important aspect of this diet is to eat together with friends or family, as eating with others is associated with higher food quality and better eating habits.

Supplements for Brain Health

Vitamins for Brain Health

In addition to conducting research on foods for brain health, we are also researching, in separate studies, the effects of supplements and vitamins on brain health.

We are conducting clinical trials with patients of all ages, to see the effects of the Mediterranean diet, elimination diet, supplements such as probiotics and prebiotics, as well as vitamin supplementation.

The four clinical trials are:

  1. To determine the short- and long-term effects of a personalized elimination diet (ED) versus a standardized diet according to WHO health guidelines.
  2. To determine the double-blind placebo controlled (10 weeks) and open label (10 weeks) effects of broadspectrum supplementation.
  3. To determine the double-blind placebo controlled (10 weeks) and open label (10 weeks) effects of probiotics.
  4. To determine the short- and long-term effects of an energy-restricted Mediterranean diet with physical activity promotion and behavioural treatment versus an unrestricted caloric Mediterranean diet.

About the author

New Brain Nutrition is the public dissemination effort of Eat2beNICE, a consortium of 18 European universities, hospitals and agencies doing research on the connections between nutrition, lifestyle and mental health. We look to attract members of the public, health professionals, and representatives of industry and government to help develop healthier lifestyles and improved mental health.

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