Clinical Aspects of Hyperactivity, Impulsivity, and Aggression, and how physical exercise and nutrition may influence these behaviors

Presented by Silke Matura, PhD

Psychotherapist Silke Matura reviews how physical exercise and nutrition have an effect on socially challenging behaviors in ADHD children.

Dr. Matura is a Psychological Psychotherapist with a Focus on Behavior Therapy, at the Center for Psychiatry of the University Clinic Frankfurt. Her areas of specialty include: Prevention strategies against cognitive decline in older age, influence of physical activity on brain performance and brain metabolism, influence of genetic polymorphisms on Alzheimer’s typical neurochemical biomarkers in cerebrospinal fluid and on neuropsychological test performances, and disruption of neuronal coordination as the basis of episodic memory disorders in Alzheimer’s disease.

In this Course, there is one lesson. Enjoy this information on the application of neuroimaging to discover methods of identifying and treating differences in impulsivity and compulsivity.

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