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Mind Your Microbiome

presented by Asst Professor, Clara Belzer, PhD

The gut microbiome produces vital chemicals unique and essential to the human body for physical and mental health. It produces vitamins and proteins, stimulates the immune system, and protects against pathogens.  Poorly functioning microbiomes are associated with poor brain development, cognitive impairment, and lifelong disorders.  Dr. Belzer is analyzing the microbiome of participants in Eat2beNICE’s four clinical trials, to see what interventions have effects on the microbiome.  Dr. Belzer weaves a wonderful story about this “organ” that we must care for, as it co-exists with us for life.

Dr. Belzer teaches and completes research in microbiology and the microbiome at the Laboratory of Microbiology, Department of Agrotechnology and Food Sciences at Wageningen University & Research, located in Wageningen, the Netherlands.

In this Course, there is one lesson and then a quiz. Enjoy this information on the application of neuroimaging to discover methods of identifying and treating differences in impulsivity and compulsivity.

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