Eat2beNICE celebrates Brain Awareness Week March 11-17, 2019

The Eat2beNICE project, a consortium of 18 European university medical centers funded by the European Horizon 2020 Research Programme No 728018, is celebrating International Brain Awareness Week with two new educational downloads on their website at Eat2beNICE/New Brain Nutrition.

The Eat2beNICE project is a five-year project completing original research on how nutrition and lifestyle affect mental health. The two new FREE educational downloads for both healthcare professionals and the public are e-booklets entitled, “The Gut-Brain Axis: An Important Key to Your Health”, and the “Nutritional Diversity Tip Sheet.”  This is in addition to the “Mediterranean Diet and Depression” booklet previously published in late 2018.

Scientific research has already shown us the importance of nutrition in general health. It has also demonstrated the existence of what is called “The Gut-Brain Axis,” a high-speed, two-way continuous communication pathway between the gut and the brain. This demonstrates that our bodies are truly integrated systems that work as one, from our brain functioning to our gut functioning.

Why is gut health important?  The gut is lined with colonies of micro-organisms called microbiota, which process the food we eat and create essential compounds our body uses for nourishing cells, metabolic processes, and critical body and brain functioning.  Microbiota is easily affected by what food is consumed, by stress and illness, and our environment.  These microbiotic states affect our physical health as well as our mental well-being.  The Eat2beNICE researchers are conducting original research and clinical trials throughout Europe to advance our knowledge of how nutrients and physical activity can benefit or detract from our mental health.

In addition to new weekly blogs written by Eat2beNICE researchers, the New Brain Nutrition website also offers educational downloads mentioned above, with more to come. Additionally, in July 2019, free video educational sessions, soon to be announced, will also be offered that will further educate both the public and healthcare professionals on the research and facts that serve as the basis of ongoing studies, as well as the science behind the research currently being conducted during the life of the project through 2022.

Eat2beNICE supports Brain Awareness Week and hopes its free educational online resources advance the knowledge and health habits of website visitors from around the world.