Foods and Tips for Brain Health

On this page you can download our Cooking for your Brain cookbook and other documents about the role nutrition and lifestyle can play in your mental health. We have assembled several of our blogs and other pieces of scientific information into downloadable PDFs so that you can easily save these and share them with others.


  • The Cooking for Your Brain Cookbook
    The recipes in the Cooking for your Brain Cookbook are based on the traditional Mediterranean diet. All of the recipes have photos of the finished plate and accompanying videos.
  • New Brain Nutrition: The Gut Brain Axis — An Important Key To Your Health
    In this document, the scientists of New Brain Nutrition describe the latest research on the links between gut health and stress, depression and other psychological disorders, as well as basic executive functioning.
  • The Mediterranean Diet and Depression
    A September 18, 2018 review of research studies shows a traditional Mediterranean diet is associated with reduced risk of depressive symptoms or clinical depression. New Brain Nutrition is leading the way in next steps with Clinical Trials including the Mediterranean diet. READ ON.


Our blog and website contain a lot of information about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and diet. In these tipsheets we have combined several blogposts or pieces of information on similar topic. You can save these or print them and share with whoever you like. The tipsheets have been created by our researchers of the Eat2beNICE team.