Scientific Coordinator

The Coordinator of Eat2beNICE is Dr. Alejandro Arias Vásquez (Departments of Psychiatry, Human Genetics & Cognitive Neuroscience), Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen (the Netherlands).
As the project coordinator, he is the legal entity acting as the intermediary between the European Commission and the consortium as well as the supervisor of the overall progress of the project.

Dr. Alejandro Arias Vasquez

Scientific Coordinator of Eat2beNICE
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Project Management Office (PMO)

The project management office is located both at concentris in Fürstenfeldbruck (Germany) and with the Coordinator in Nijmegen (the Netherlands). While the Coordinator is mainly dealing with the scientific management, concentris together with the coordinator is taking care of the administrative, financial and contractual management among other organizational tasks.
The PMO is the central node of communication for Eat2beNICE and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the project. It acts as a help-desk for all beneficiaries and supports the Coordinator, the General Assembly and the Steering Committee in fulfilling their tasks and the execution of decisions.

Juliane Dittrich

Eat2BeNICE Project Management
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