Why is healthy eating important for people living with ADHD?

A healthy diet is important for everyone, whether you have ADHD or not. But there are 2 reasons why we target our online cookbook specifically to people and families living with ADHD:

  1. We know from our research that on average, individuals with ADHD eat less healthy than those without ADHD. This could be either a cause or a consequence of ADHD, or a mix of both.
  2. The symptoms of ADHD can make it more challenging to follow a healthy diet. For instance, to buy healthy products in the supermarket you need impulse control, planning ahead, and remembering what you need. For cooking, you need focused attention and not getting distracted. Medication can also interfere with your appetite.

So, we want to help people with ADHD to eat healthier by creating delicious, simple and clear recipes. The recipes are of course also suitable for everyone without ADHD.

We should be very clear about one thing: diet does not cause or cure ADHD. ADHD is caused by a complex mix of the genes you are born with and factors in your environment. We still don’t fully understand the causes of ADHD, and they likely differ between individuals. If you have ADHD, it’s important that you discuss treatment options with your doctor.

What can a change in diet do for someone with ADHD? We know from our scientific research that following a healthy diet can reduce symptoms and improve quality of life of individuals with ADHD. For some, this can also mean that they need less medication while on a healthy diet. Other studies have shown that eating healthy can lower impulsivity.

You can learn more about the findings from our research here: