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New Brain Nutrition is connecting nutrition and lifestyle with mental health.

Do you wish to learn which foods, vitamins and minerals you should eat to help your brain function at its best throughout the day?

Are you suffering from mental health tendencies (ie anxiety, depression, impulsivity, compulsivity, ADHD, aggression, addiction) that keep you from living the best life you can live?

We can help! We are conducting ground-breaking research in mental health, and are producing evidence-based blogs, videos, cooking shows, recipes and online courses that we expect will improve peoples overall well-being.


Learn the latest information on research and science.

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The Gut-Brain Axis

The Mediterranean Diet

The Elimination Diet

Using Probiotics

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Stress Reduction

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Free Downloads from New Brain Nutrition. Teach Yourself about Healthy Mind and Body!

Each researched and written by our health scientists!

#1. We teach you how to vary your diet for a healthy gut, body and brain.

#2. We teach you about the 2-way connection between your gut and brain.

#3. We teach you about your diet, inflammation, and mental health.

#4. We help get your family into Vegies and Fruits.

#6. The Mediterranean Diet and its health benefits.

#5. We teach you about the healthy Okinawan Diet.

#7. How Ayurveda in daily life can improve your health.

#8. Buying local and cheaper “superfood” ingredients.

New Brain Nutrition is a FREE Communication, Education, and Dissemination Resource.

We educate members of the public and patients on how to improve lifestyle and diet.

We educate healthcare professionals on improved methods for treating patients.

We work with European governments on food and health policies.

We will be consulting with the food industry on healthful products and supplements.

New Brain Nutrition is overseen by the Eat2beNICE consortium of 18 European medical and research partners.

Academisch Ziekenhuis Groningen (UMCG)
ADD Information Services (ADDISS)
Centro De Investigacion Biomedica En Red (CIBER)
Concentris Research Management
Fundacio Hospital Universitari Vall D’Hebron, Institut De Recerca
Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Universitat Frankfurt Am Main (GUF)
Karlsruher Institut Fur Technologie (KIT)
Orebro University (ORU)
Radboud University Medical Center (RUMC)
Semmelweis Egyetem (SU)
Stichting Buro ECNP (ECNP)
Stichting Karakter (KAR)
Tartu Ulikool (UT)
Universitat De Barcelona (UB)
Universitatsklinikum Wurzburg, Klinikum Der Bayerischen (UW)
Universitet I Bergen (UiB)
Wageningen University (WU)
Zentralinstitut Fur Seelische Gesundheit (CIMH)

We have been designated for a generous grant as part of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

We are conducting scientific research and clinical trials through 2022 on the links between mental health and lifestyle and diet. We expect our findings to result in major changes to mental health therapies, to include prescriptions for nutrition and lifestyle.

None of our studies is commissioned by commercial parties. We are evidence-based, fair and balanced.

A Wonderful Video Overview of our Eat2beNICE Project

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About the author

New Brain Nutrition is the public dissemination effort of Eat2beNICE, a consortium of 18 European universities, hospitals and agencies doing research on the connections between nutrition, lifestyle and mental health. We look to attract members of the public, health professionals, and representatives of industry and government to help develop healthier lifestyles and improved mental health.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 728018

New Brain Nutrition is a project and brand of Eat2BeNice, a consortium of 18 European University Hospitals throughout the continent.

You may log in here to our Intranet website with your authorized user name and password.