Karlsruhe, Germany


Team Leader

Prof. Ulrich Ebner-Priemer

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Team Staff

Elena Koch

PhD Student
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Institute Presentation

The Mental mHealth Lab / The Chair of Applied Psychology is characterized by its methodological focus on ambulatory assessment. Phenomena of interest are studied in everyday life (real-life) in real-time using psychophysiological methods (objective) and time-sensitive analysis (dynamics).  We focus on: A multimodal operationalization of phenomena of interest in everyday life using subjective self-reports (e-diaries), peripheral physiological signals (ECG, EDA), behavioral parameters (accelereometry, GPS), real-time analysis of psychophysiological parameters to trigger electronic diary assessments (interactive monitoring), analysis of dynamic processes (affective instability) and lab-field comparisons integrating experimental manipulation and intervention strategies into ambulatory assessment methodology. In addition, we use ambulatory assessment technology to study mental symptoms in healthy individuals (stress or procrastination among students) and patients (borderline personality disorder, depression, ADHD, epilepsy).