By: Prof. Liv Grimstvedt Kvalvik
On: 28 July 2019

How to navigate in a world that is constantly reporting scientific findings?

In the Eat2beNICE project, the researchers aim at studying the effect of diet and mental health and our blogs are meant to enlighten readers. Everyday research findings published in journals will offer an opinion on how to best live our lives. It is simply not possible, nor advised, to change your habit after every piece of new knowledge. On the other hand, researchers do need to publish their results in order to have their findings discussed and reproduced. How do you as a reader navigate? No single study should alone be enough to change nutritional advice or guidelines. The research...

By: Dr. Larissa Niemeyer
On: 16 July 2019

“When I stop my medication, everything goes wrong” – why some patients take their prescribed drugs and others don’t

When going to a doctor, you mostly aim for two things to happen: one, you want the doctor to tell you what kind of disorder you are currently suffering from and two, you hope for him or her to give you adequate treatment. While most people are able to follow their physician’s instructions well enough when they have to take medication like antibiotics for a few days, the longer the therapy needs to be, the less likely they are to “adhere”. Adherence is a term to describe to what extent a person’s behavior in taking medication corresponds with agreed recommendations...